Please join me in blasting LOVE & PEACE to the world!

Hello, Friends!  How is everyone feeling?  The last few weeks have sent almost everyone into a tailspin with one terrible event after another.  People are wondering what's going on?  I see it as a cleansing process. All the anger & hatred must come up to be healed. It will pass.  Please join me in focusing on LOVE and WORLD PEACE!  I believe there are many, many more souls on Mother Earth who are focused on love than hate.  Light will overcome the dark!  Shine your light!

Glazing & Update

Hello, Friends!  Somehow I caught a nasty 'summer cold' and have been feeling really crappy this week.  So, I haven't been very productive.  I was able to bisque fire some pots that were dry enough to fire earlier this week.  As soon as my energy level comes back, I will be glazing these pots. 

Throwing pots

Hey, Friends!  I took some pictures last night after throwing pots in my hot studio and wanted to share them with you.  I'll be trimming them tomorrow morning (Sat.) and then I'll pull some handles to put on them.  The ones that I threw last weekend are drying.  I'll also be throwing more travel mugs for this batch. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Cheers, Diana

New batch; attaching handles

Hello, Friends! How is everyone? I hope you are all happy & healthy!  After I finished packing up pots on Saturday (see previous post), I spent the rest of the 4th of July weekend throwing pots and alternatively, resting. Last night I started attaching handles to coffee mugs and a few coffeehouse mugs. I'll be making many more pots for this batch... please stay tuned! 

Shipping pots

Hello, Friends!  It's Saturday morning and I'm shipping out pots this morning.  The last fire for these babies was Thursday night into Friday and I was able to unload the kiln last night.  Next I will sand the bottoms smoothe, wash them, bless them & give them Reiki energy, gift wrap them, then pack them up and take them to the post office! 

Firing designs onto pots...

Got the designs on this small batch and just fired up the kiln for their last firing!  Now going out to studio to throw some pots.  Have a great evening, everyone!

Glaze FIRE!

Got my pots glazed this weekend, but didn't fire them Sunday night because a big thunderstorm came rumbling in.  So, I fired them last night.  My kiln has a big opening at the top.  I love it!  During the beginning stages of firing, I leave the lid open to allow the 'burn off' of glazes (or gases, impurities in bisque fire).  Then, when I turn it up to HIGH (at about 2,000 degrees F), I close the lid.  It's red-hot-orange at this time!  Here's a picture that I took about midnight last night...

Gift Announcements

Hello, Friends!  Thank you so very much for your interest in my handmade pottery!  When I started taking pottery classes in NYC in 1994 I never thought that anyone would want to buy my creations!   I was one of the slowest learners in the class.  It took me forever to learn to center and I was NOT good at all!  But, I loved it and took classes for about 5 years at the Chelsea Ceramic Guild.

Orders Update: Glazing

Hello, Friends!  Wow, I can't believe it's been 10 days since I wrote last.  Time is certainly flying by!  Today I'm glazing the mugs that I put handles on last week (see last blog).  It's been very hot & humid and feels more like August than June.  Pots are drying slowly due to humidity.  I bisque fired them Friday evening/Saturday and now I'm going to glaze them.  Hoping to get them fired tonight!

Balancing Act - Order Update

Hello, Friends!  I don't know if you know this, but I have a 'day job' too.  I know very few people who are able to 'make a living' with their pottery passion.  Those who do are incredibly hard workers!  I'm lucky to be working pretty much part time as I have a few afternoons each week off.  This is so wonderful!  So of course, I work on my pots during this time.

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