Thank you for visiting!  I am Dancing Dolphin and these are my ceramic creations. I love to create inspirational handmade vessels for everyday use. Each piece is created by hand with love and no two are alike. It brings me such joy when a customer says "I love my mug and I've used my mug every day for the past 5 years." What other item in our lives has this much impact?  

Crop Circles on pottery?  My fascination with all things spiritual and the mysterious has lead me to use my creative energies to put the spotlight on crop circles. Crop circles trigger something in me that brings me joy and excitement! There's something in the sacred geometry of them that my heart responds to. Who makes them? Is it our collective unconscious? Starry friends? Mother Earth herself? Hoaxers or crop artists? What do they mean? By sharing the designs of the crop circles, I hope to bring attention to this great mystery. 

Clay helps ground me to Mother Earth and brings me peace.  As I sit down at my potter's wheel, I calm my mind and give the clay Reiki energy. I breathe in its earthy scent as I splash water onto the ball of clay that I have thrown onto my potter's wheel.  It's thick and soft but also firm.  I feel my body relax as the whirring sound of the wheel starts up and my hands touch the clay.  A form of mediation takes over and my hands move automatically to form the ball of clay into a cylinder, then a bowl, plate or mug. 

I hope you enjoy using my pots as much as I enjoy making them.  Namaste!    

 Hand-pulled mug handles