**Orders Update**

Hello, Friends!

I'm glazing tonight and will finish glazing this load tomorrow night (I have a day job, so I can't do it during the day).  So, I'll be able to load the kiln and do the glaze fire on Friday night.  After the glaze fire cools on Saturday I'll start decorating this batch; when they are all decorated I will fire them for their 3rd and final firing.  Yay!

**Orders Update**

Hello, Friends! 

Right now a monster hurricane is powering up to hit the US coast after plowing through the Carribean.  So many people in Haiti are suffering right now after this blow, just a few years after a massive earthquake there.  AGH!  I feel for them!!  

**Orders Update**

Hello, Friends!  It's mid-September already, unbelieveable!  I keep hearing Earth, Wind & Fire singing "September" in my head.  It's my favorite season!  

Shipped out a few travel mugs last week (orders) and some bowls (ready to ship pots).  Attaching picture of one travel mug which was shipped to Australia.  Sorry for crappy picture, snapped it right before I packed it up.

Freshly thrown...UPDATE

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Just came in from the studio where I trimmed a few pots that I threw on Sunday.  They don't have their handles on yet, so they just look like bowls and a tumbler.  But, they really are four soup mugs and a travel mug  Soup mugs are for Kelsey G., Laura B. and Jane R.  This travel mug is for Melissa M. 

Where have you been?

Hello!  How is everyone?  I have to apologize for not producing many pots or posting any updates in awhile.  I've been very busy with my 'day job' at our family store where we sell both office supplies & educational materials.  We've been swamped with 'Back to School' busy-ness since mid July and I've been so exhausted after work that I haven't been "playing" in my studio at night in quite awhile.  Our store sells mostly to Teachers and they come from 4 surrounding counties

Order Update...last fire complete!

Hello, Friends!  This load got their final firing on Saturday night; was able to open kiln last night for full cooling.  Will start packing them up tonight for shipping.  Yay!

**Customers who have pots in this batch are:  Sandra E., , Paul E., Delsie M., Judy C., Roslyn S., Erin A., Deb R., Jochy, R., Yvonne C., Jeff H., Cristi A. and Lori H.**

Decorating Pots...

Dear Friends:

Hello, again!  I spent all day Sunday (yesterday) decorating pots.  It was about 96F here and extremely humid, so I was very happy to stay inside!  Buddy was with me, of course.  Here's a picture of the dragonfly mugs in this batch.  Note:  the decorations & words will turn sepia brown in the last firing and will look more natural. 

Glaze fire - after

Dear Friends:  Hello!  Happy Monday! 

Here are some pictures of the pots after their cone 5 glaze fire...

unloaded the kiln on Saturday night.  Crop Circle Clay - pots in kiln after glaze fire

Test piece:

Orders Update: Glazed pots & firing

Hello, Friends!  I hope that everyone can understand why I cannot write to you all personally with your own order update.  There are just too many of you and not enough time.  I do work a day job and it takes all my energy on nights & weekends to create. If I wrote everyone personally with an update I wouldn't get any pots made at all!  Does this make sense?  Please do not be offended!

"Made to Order" Orders Update

Hello, Friends!  After healing from my knock-out cold that put me flat out for most of last week, I finally was able to glaze a batch of pots over the weekend.  I'm working on cleaning the bottoms now and will fire them as soon as I do that.  Please stay tuned for updates.  Also, I have the next batch drying in the studio now. 

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