Firing designs onto pots...

Got the designs on this small batch and just fired up the kiln for their last firing!  Now going out to studio to throw some pots.  Have a great evening, everyone!

Glaze FIRE!

Got my pots glazed this weekend, but didn't fire them Sunday night because a big thunderstorm came rumbling in.  So, I fired them last night.  My kiln has a big opening at the top.  I love it!  During the beginning stages of firing, I leave the lid open to allow the 'burn off' of glazes (or gases, impurities in bisque fire).  Then, when I turn it up to HIGH (at about 2,000 degrees F), I close the lid.  It's red-hot-orange at this time!  Here's a picture that I took about midnight last night...

Gift Announcements

Hello, Friends!  Thank you so very much for your interest in my handmade pottery!  When I started taking pottery classes in NYC in 1994 I never thought that anyone would want to buy my creations!   I was one of the slowest learners in the class.  It took me forever to learn to center and I was NOT good at all!  But, I loved it and took classes for about 5 years at the Chelsea Ceramic Guild.

Balancing Act - Order Update

Hello, Friends!  I don't know if you know this, but I have a 'day job' too.  I know very few people who are able to 'make a living' with their pottery passion.  Those who do are incredibly hard workers!  I'm lucky to be working pretty much part time as I have a few afternoons each week off.  This is so wonderful!  So of course, I work on my pots during this time.

Glazed pots drying in the hot summer sun

After glazing the inside and outside of a pot it becomes very damp.  The porous surface absorbes the moisture quickly from the glaze.  But, I put on 3 coats of glaze inside and outside and this so this takes awhile to dry.  I usually dry them under a ceiling fan, but yesterday I took advantage of this very hot summer day.  The small white building in our back yard is my studio! 

Glazed pots drying in the sun

Lori's Housewarming Gift

My Sister In Law just went through a divorce and finally just moved into her new home, so I made her a plate/bowl set with roses. I used my husband's wood bowl blanks (he used to turn wood bowls on his jumbo lathe) that had gone oval in drying as the molds. They are wonky shaped and very fun to eat from. After I finish up my custom orders I will be making sets for my shops (in various designs as well as plain).


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"Made to Order" Orders Update--starting from Feb. 3rd +

Hello, Friends!  How is everyone?  I've been pretty darn tired lately and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  I hope you all are happy and healthy! 

"Made to Order" Orders Update--starting from Feb. 3rd +

Happy Wednesday, Friends!  Finished putting handles on everything I have thrown (so far) last night.  Now they will dry slowly on the raised plaster bats that my husband made for me.  I keep them covered with plastic on the top and the air gets underneath to allow the plaster to do it's job of 'sucking' the mositure slowly out of the pots.  If you don't cover them up for a few days and do this, the handles might crack off.  Tricky business!

Vase update

Put handles on the big flower vase last night; I think it looks like a 'trophy' now.  Didn't want to leave it plain.  We'll see how it looks glazed. 

Feels so good!

Wow, it felt really good to throw something "big" last night! After I threw a bunch of mugs, I grabbed 3 pounds of clay and wedged it. Didn't know what I wanted to make...a bowl? a plate? Half way through centering I decided to make a vase as all our flowers are blooming now that it's warm again. This baby will hold lots of flowers!

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