Imagine Peace Mug & American Hippie

Hello, Friends!   I'm thrilled that the "American Hippie" page on FB posted one of my Imagine Peace mug photos today.  At first I couldn't figure out why I was getting so many inquiries in my Etsy shop, here on my website and on my own FB page.  Finally, someone sent me the photo and I understood.  "American Hippie" has over 170,000 followers!  Wow!

After the 3rd firing...

Better views of pots with the decorations after 3rd firing.  Can you see how the designs have muted and turned either sepia brown on the blue/green and plum on the pink and purple?  (Posted on my FB page 10-30-16).

*Travel Mugs with their lids*

(Note:  posted on my FB page on 10-30-16)

Sorry for poor indoor shots, it was cold outside and didn't want to risk pots cracking after coming out of the kiln. Here are some of the travel mugs with their lids.


*Kiln opening - 3rd & Final firing*

(Note:  posted on 10/30/16 on my FB page).

A few kiln shots after the kiln cooled on this batch's last (3rd) firing--minus the broken plate.

What a shock!

(Note:  posted 10/30/16 on my FB page). 

Sometimes bad things happen in the kiln and we get shock when opening the lid. This happened this week...I was very upset because it ruined Laura's set! So, I shipped her soup mug anyway so she can enjoy that while I make her a new plate. Cannot take anything for granted in ceramics! I've never seen a plate crack like this before! Wowza! 

Decorating Pots...

(Sigh)...the weekend is almost over. Where does time go? Seriously! Well, here is a picture of some travel mugs that I decorated today--two crop circle ones and one peace theme. Almost done decorating this batch, then I will fire them for the last time to make the designs permanent! **These are all for orders.**

Decorating Pots...

Happy Saturday, Friends! I've been decorating more pots today. Here are some travel mugs in the henna tattoo designs. Each one unique! The designs will turn a sepia brown on the green/blue glaze and more of a plum color on the purple & pink glazes after they are fired for the last time.  Cheers!  Diana

Decorating pots

I'm working on decorating my last load of glazed pots; this is a purple soup mug and plate set in the "Imagine Peace" theme --before and after. They will be fired once again (3rd firing) in my kiln. The designs contain iron oxide which burn into the glaze acting as a stain. This firing makes the designs permanent. And on the purple glaze, the designs actually turn plum. It's very cool!



Will post pictures of the completed piece also!

Freshly thrown...UPDATE

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Just came in from the studio where I trimmed a few pots that I threw on Sunday.  They don't have their handles on yet, so they just look like bowls and a tumbler.  But, they really are four soup mugs and a travel mug  Soup mugs are for Kelsey G., Laura B. and Jane R.  This travel mug is for Melissa M. 

I also have two travel mugs that are bisque fired and I'm glazing them this week; they are for:  Roz S. and Suzy E.

Where have you been?

Hello!  How is everyone?  I have to apologize for not producing many pots or posting any updates in awhile.  I've been very busy with my 'day job' at our family store where we sell both office supplies & educational materials.  We've been swamped with 'Back to School' busy-ness since mid July and I've been so exhausted after work that I haven't been "playing" in my studio at night in quite awhile.  Our store sells mostly to Teachers and they come from 4 surrounding counties to buy their classroom decorations and supplies.&n

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