Happy Summer Solstice!!!    Thursday, June 21, 2018

Hello, Friends!  Happy Summer Solstice!

MY LIFE:  I am posting a note to let you know that I am still here, hunkering down through the intense incoming energies.  If you are not aware, we--Gaia and all us humans upon her--are in the misdt of a grand shift, a transformation into a higher frequency, which is also known as our Ascension.  We are doing this while still in our bodies, which is a very big deal in the Omniverse.  We are the first Beings to try this while still in body and we are getting lots of help from the Company of Heaven and our Starry Family.  I'm super sensitive to energy and so this time on Mother Gaia has been difficult for me; but I pledged to come and help out as best as I could; as did all Lightworkers and Starseeds.  Many of us also work in dreamtime, cleaning and clearing out the muck of dark energies, millennia in the making.  But, we're almost there!!  

MY POTTERY:  I have a "day job" also and when I get home from that I have been crashing (taking naps) and don't have the energy to go into my studio.  I am working on orders, slowly but surely as time allows.  I am apologizing to everyone who has written to me and I haven't responded.  And, I am apologizing for taking (much) longer than I said I would when you placed your orders.  Believe me, I understand your frustration with me and did not intend for this to happen.  I hear your questions and worry that I will not produce your order or give your money back.  Please understand and trust that if you have an order in with me I will either finish it or refund your money as soon as I can.

Thanks for your time!  Happy Solstice!  Namaste, Diana

Happy "222" day! (February 22, 2018)    Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hello, Friends!  How is everyone?  I hope you are all happy and healthy! I'm packing up pots tonight from my last batch.  Shipped about 1/2 of them yesterday and am packing up the rest tonight.  Note: you will get an email with the tracking info when I ship out your order!

Again, here are the customers whose pots were in this batch:  A. Dibling, C. Burgess, E. Holden, B. Carney, W. Stocker, C. Mairano, I. Glaunsigner, J. Eves, D. Middleton, C. Dalke and K. Young.  

Before wrapping and packing, I sand the bottoms of each pot smooth and they feel so good; like a river rock!  Then, I giftwrap each one so it's fun to open.  BUT, my FAVORITE part is giving each one Reiki energy and a blessing.  I feel the energy go into each pot and the energy is individual for that person.  It's so amazing and wonderful!!  

Below is Ilona's latte mug that I'm packing now.  It's going to Germany!  And a coffee mug is going to Australia!  I've shipped to 18 countries worldwide and all 50 U.S. states.  Yahoo!

Note: I don't ship my pots this way--LOL!  This is just the wrapping and organizing stage; then each one gets protected and packed properly, then I print out the shipping labels. 

Also, I 'unpublished' my Facebook page as I'm not really interested in marketing my work at this time.  My Etsy shop is also inactive.  I just feel like utilizing my website at this time.  I'm focusing on my orders and will keep you all posted here, OK?  Here and there I'll have pots  "ready to ship" that I will list here in my shop too.

Thank you to everyone who reads, writes and supports my passion for clay! 

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!  
Love & Light, Diana

Orders Update as of 12-17-17    Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hello, Friends!

Pots are in the kiln for their glaze fire. Here are the people who have pots in this current load: A. Dibling (11), C. Burgess, E. Holden (2), B. Carney, W. Stocker, C. Maiorano, I. Glaunsigner, J. Eves, D. Middleton, L. Darby, C. Dalke and K. Young. If your name is not on this list, I'm sorry! This is all that I could fit into this load. Photos: bottom shelf and top shelf. Each pot has 3 colors of glaze; inside, rim and outside. They won't look like the true colors until after this firing is finished.

Bottom shelf:

Top Shelf: 

**ORDERS UPDATE** Posted Oct. 29, 2017 on my FB Page    Friday, November 3, 2017

Hello, Friends! 

Below is a link to my FB page...please follow me here if you're on FB.  Sometimes I have "extra" pots left over from a firing and sell them directly on my FB page.  I also post updates more often there too because I can do it quickly from my phone.   Link:  https://www.facebook.com/CropCircleClay/

This was from a post I made on October 29, 2017 (note: today is 11/3/17).

"Hello, friends! Put handles on some mugs tonight. Now they will dry slowly. These are all for orders. Will throw lots more for this load. Cheers!"

NOTE:  I am continuing to throw more pots and will do so until I get a full kiln load.  Then when they are all bone dry I will bisque fire them.  After that first firing I will list the names of customers who have a pot in this load.  Thank you all for your patience!!  Love & Light, Diana

Metamorphosis...    Tuesday, August 22, 2017









Hello, friends!  I wanted to say hello and apologize for  disappearing for awhile this summer.  When not at my day job, I have been home in my cocoon.  I'm going  through big spiritual and emotional changes and  find it hard to communicate.  I'm very sensitive  to energy, which is why I enjoy Reiki so much.  However, intense energies have been coming to Gaia in a very big way this summer and they just  shut me down.  As a Lightworker, I'm also transmuting dark energies to help bring in the New Earth. This work makes me very sick at times.  I realize that this won't make sense to most people, but I wanted to share it with you.  I'm totally burnt out and exhausted.  I come home from work and take 2 hour naps just so that I can get up and go back in the morning.  I haven't had the energy or desire to even walk into my studio; much less create.  I feel terrible guilt at not completing orders and I know many wonderful people are waiting on me. Just wanted you to know that I'm still here, just praying for the time when I feel better so I can create what brings me joy.  

Love & Light to all!  Diana

Decorating pots...    Monday, May 29, 2017

Lots of PEACE pots in this batch!!  These are the blue/green ones I'm doing now.  I use laser decals (that I print on my laser printer) and the iron oxide of the toner acts like a stain on the glaze when I fire them for the last time.  So, the designs are permanent and part of the glaze!  The designs will look sepia brown after they are fired instead of the black look they have now.

Missing my Buddy!    Monday, May 29, 2017

I went to the studio late this afternoon to pull some handles for mugs that I threw last week.  I still cannot get used to being in the studio without Buddy!  It's just so lonely.  He's been gone for over 3 months now.  Can't believe it.  Recently I found this pic of us from June, 2010.  He was very healthy then and it brings a big smile to my face! I know I am very blessed to have had him with me for so long.  Have a great day, friends!

Diana and Buddy June 2010Happy Days in the studio with Buddy

Happy Memorial Day!    Monday, May 29, 2017

Dear Friends:

Hello!  In the US, today is Memorial Day where we remember our loved ones who fought for our freedoms.  It is a bank-holiday also, so most of us get to have the day off from our day jobs.  Yay!  It's a beautiful day here in Ohio, sunny and about 75 degrees F.  I'm inside decorating pots in my current batch.  It's tough to stay inside on such a beautiful day, but I have to take the time when I get it!  My husband, Terry is outside working on his garden.  

I'm still struggling in an attempt to get "caught up" on my orders since my leg injury last summer.  It's very difficult when I only have nights and weekends to work on my pottery but I'm doing the best that I can!  I'm very, very grateful for my customers who have all been so patient with me!  I'm very sorry that it's taking me much longer to complete your orders than "normal." You all are the best and I'm very thankful for my blessings!

Love & Light, Diana

P.S. - below is a pic of the bottom shelf of pots after the glaze fire. 

Still decorating...    Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hello, Friends!

How is everyone today?!  I'm still decorating this batch of pots but I'm almost finished.  It's Sunday now and I plan to fire this batch for the last time tonight.  I've got the dragonfly, peace and crop circle pieces all finished.  Now I'm working on the hippie henna tattoo designs and then the henna tattoo pieces.  Here's a photo that I took on Saturday of a hippie henna tattoo mug in purple.  Note:  the laser decals look black before firing, but the irox oxide in the toner turns sepia brown/plum on the purple glaze; so the designs and words will look more muted than this.

Happy Sunday! Cheers, Diana

Crop Circle Clay - hippie henna tattoo coffee mug in purple

Glaze fire done--on to decorating!    Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello, Friends!  I hope all those on the east coast of the US survived the Winter Storm safely this week!  Wowza!  You all are still digging yourselves out.  Hang in there!

I high-fired this current batch load to cone 5 which is about 2,300 degrees F and let them cool down slowly, about 12 hours.  Brought them in the house last night to allow them to acclimate to the house temp.  Tonight I'm starting to decorate them!  Wanted to share a picture with you!  I'll try to get a photo as I'm decorating in the next few days.

Please see earlier posts for lists of customers in this batch.  Thank you!

Love & Light to you!  Diana

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