Handmade METATRON'S CUBE square pendant Blue Green Dark Brown Leather Cord Sacred Geometry Ceramic Jewelry Rustic Earthy

Item Description

**Ready to Ship**  Handmade METATRON'S CUBE square ceramic pendant. The glaze color is a green/blue color, it's only glazed on the front.  The back is not glazed and my beautiful dark brown stoneware clay shows through,  Concentric circle pattern was stamped on the back with ivory underglaze.  This bead had been high fired in my electric kiln to cone 5 and is very durable. 

SIZE:  This bead is approx. 1" square.

CORD SIZE:  Dark brown leather cord hangs approx. 14" (measured from knot to the middle of the pendant).     

JUMP RING OPTION:  If you'd rather have a sterling silver or copper jump ring for hanging on a chain, please let me know at checkout!  

GIFT BOX:  Each pendant will be shipped in a gift box.  Please give me a personal message if you're shipping it directly to someone else; I'll include it with your gift.

Thanks for looking!

Diana Brower, www.CropCircleClay.com

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