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Order Update: Orders up to Feb. 2nd - B Load

Hello, friends!  Happy Friday the 13th!  Now that I got all the pots from the "A Load" shipped out, I'm glazing those pots in the "B Load" -- those pots that I couldn't fit into the kiln with the first group.  I'm hoping to finish glazing this weekend and then I'll high fire them in the kiln.  If your order was placed before Feb. 2nd and you haven't received an email with your tracking# yet, your pot is in this batch.  Thank you for your patience!

Pretty Bottoms!

The last step of glazing is cleaning off the bottom of the pot of any glaze.  If you don't, the glaze will fuse the pot to your kiln shelf!  So, I take a sponge and clean the bottoms and then trim around the bottom edge leaving some clay revealed.  You need extra space in case the glaze runs down the outside of the pot.

Next I stamp my Maker's Mark - my Crop Circle Clay logo onto the bottom of the pot with white underglaze.  Underglaze doesn't have silica in it, so it won't stick to the shelf.

Pretty bottoms!

Pretty bottoms!


Hello, friends!  I've been glazing a load of pots which include orders up until Feb. 2nd.  Wanted to share some pictures with you.  In case you haven't ever taken a pottery class, when you dip or brush your glazes on they don't look like the finished piece.  Glaze isn't like paint.  It's a combo of silica (glass) and stains & stuff.  The bisque fired pots are very absorbent and they suck up the moisture in the glaze pretty quickly. 

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