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Order Update: Orders up to Feb. 2nd - B Load

I couldn't get all the pots of this batch into the kiln at once, so I'm now bisque firing the second group of these pots.  These are still for orders up to Feb. 2nd.  Bisque firing tonight!


Bisque firing pots in electric kiln


"Made to Order" Orders Update

Order update: batch of orders placed up to Feb. 2nd. They're in the kiln now getting their first firing, the BISQUE firing, which I fire at cone 04, about 1,200 degrees F. Firing will take 18-24 hours to heat up and cool down completly.  Here are some pictures for you... #cropcircleclay #handmadepottery #mug #ceramics
Dry pots ready to load into the kiln for their first firing 4-21-16
Bottom shelf full of pots
Top shelf of pots ready for their first firing; the bisque fire
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