Hello, friends!  I wanted to say hello and apologize for  disappearing for awhile this summer.  When not at my day job, I have been home in my cocoon.  I'm going  through big spiritual and emotional changes and  find it hard to communicate.  I'm very sensitive  to energy, which is why I enjoy Reiki so much.  However, intense energies have been coming to Gaia in a very big way this summer and they just  shut me down.  As a Lightworker, I'm also transmuting dark energies to help bring in the New Earth. This work makes me very sick at times.  I realize that this won't make sense to most people, but I wanted to share it with you.  I'm totally burnt out and exhausted.  I come home from work and take 2 hour naps just so that I can get up and go back in the morning.  I haven't had the energy or desire to even walk into my studio; much less create.  I feel terrible guilt at not completing orders and I know many wonderful people are waiting on me. Just wanted you to know that I'm still here, just praying for the time when I feel better so I can create what brings me joy.  

Love & Light to all!  Diana

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