Happy "222" day! (February 22, 2018)

Hello, Friends!  How is everyone?  I hope you are all happy and healthy! I'm packing up pots tonight from my last batch.  Shipped about 1/2 of them yesterday and am packing up the rest tonight.  Note: you will get an email with the tracking info when I ship out your order!

Again, here are the customers whose pots were in this batch:  A. Dibling, C. Burgess, E. Holden, B. Carney, W. Stocker, C. Mairano, I. Glaunsigner, J. Eves, D. Middleton, C. Dalke and K. Young.  

Before wrapping and packing, I sand the bottoms of each pot smooth and they feel so good; like a river rock!  Then, I giftwrap each one so it's fun to open.  BUT, my FAVORITE part is giving each one Reiki energy and a blessing.  I feel the energy go into each pot and the energy is individual for that person.  It's so amazing and wonderful!!  

Below is Ilona's latte mug that I'm packing now.  It's going to Germany!  And a coffee mug is going to Australia!  I've shipped to 18 countries worldwide and all 50 U.S. states.  Yahoo!

Note: I don't ship my pots this way--LOL!  This is just the wrapping and organizing stage; then each one gets protected and packed properly, then I print out the shipping labels. 

Also, I 'unpublished' my Facebook page as I'm not really interested in marketing my work at this time.  My Etsy shop is also inactive.  I just feel like utilizing my website at this time.  I'm focusing on my orders and will keep you all posted here, OK?  Here and there I'll have pots  "ready to ship" that I will list here in my shop too.

Thank you to everyone who reads, writes and supports my passion for clay! 

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!  
Love & Light, Diana

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Such beautiful artifacts, Diana! I love how much love and caring that you put into each pot, mug, etc. From the Reiki to the blessing, to the beautiful wrapping! You go, girl!

You go girl!

Thanks so much, Jan! I appreciate it! :-)


we must be on the same wavelength or something. i checked yesterday and saw that your facebook and etsy were ‘gone’ so i checked here and didn’t see any updates. i just checked again now and saw that you posted this yesterday, i guess after i checked here. spooky

Good to see your update!

Good to see your update!

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