October 2016

Decorating Pots...

(Sigh)...the weekend is almost over. Where does time go? Seriously! Well, here is a picture of some travel mugs that I decorated today--two crop circle ones and one peace theme. Almost done decorating this batch, then I will fire them for the last time to make the designs permanent! **These are all for orders.**

Decorating Pots...

Happy Saturday, Friends! I've been decorating more pots today. Here are some travel mugs in the henna tattoo designs. Each one unique! The designs will turn a sepia brown on the green/blue glaze and more of a plum color on the purple & pink glazes after they are fired for the last time.  Cheers!  Diana

Decorating pots

I'm working on decorating my last load of glazed pots; this is a purple soup mug and plate set in the "Imagine Peace" theme --before and after. They will be fired once again (3rd firing) in my kiln. The designs contain iron oxide which burn into the glaze acting as a stain. This firing makes the designs permanent. And on the purple glaze, the designs actually turn plum. It's very cool!



Will post pictures of the completed piece also!